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Software Architect

Posted: 09/28/2021

Location: Louisville, KY

Employment: Full Time

Job Function

  • Capable of designing highly scalable software solutions and frameworks that are easily consumable by other engineers.
  • Stays on the forefront of new developments in technology and works to advocate and adopt them for use at LEAP.
  • Establishes engineering standards through collaboration with other team members.
  • Capable of teaching/mentoring complex technical concepts to engineers.
  • Mentors less experienced engineers towards building better, standardized technical solutions.
  • Proven history of designing the correct technical solution for complex business problems.
  • Promotes a culture of continuously improving technical solutions and SDLC practices.
  • Identifies opportunities for refactoring, optimizing, and otherwise improving legacy codebases.
  • Acting technical evangelist, both internally and externally for the development team.
  • Organizes strategic monologues and dialogs both internally and externally to educate the development team, as well as external teams.
  • Takes ownership of work items assigned – communicates estimates and progress as part of SDLC process, and actively works to resolve issues blocking progress.
  • Assists in the QA process.
  • Participates as required on Production Code Turn days, providing instructions for deploying code changes successfully, and smoke testing code post-release.
  • Develop and maintain an open and fluid communication with management.
  • Develop and maintain a positive relationship with other team members.
  • Strong familiarity of ASP.net MVC (routing, model binding, Razor templating, etc.)
  • Capable of solving complex technical problems with little oversight.
  • Accustom to SEO optimization, ADA compliance and dealing with PCI data.
  • Accustom to implementing responsive designs, and dealing with asset optimization (images, CSS/JS bundling/minification).
  • Comfortable with 3rd party integration solutions (Social media, maps, analytics, credit card processors).
  • Familiarity of web security (XSS, CSRF, security headers).
  • Familiarity of various forms of caching both client side (cache headers) and server side (object caching, page output caching, distributed caching).
  • Effectively communicates work status to project management team.
  • Capable of providing estimates based on RFPs and general customer inquiries.
  • Capable of working directly or alongside clients on occasion.
  • Assist executive team with sales pitches.
  • Able and willing to lead technical meetings with a client.
  • Assist with junior developers and code reviews.
  • Participate as required on Production Code Turn days, providing instructions for deploying code changes successfully, and smoke testing code post-release.

Required Technical Skills

  • 10+ years of Microsoft stack / .NET and SQL Server experience.
  • 8+ years of experience with one or more JavaScript libraries (i.e. Angular, React, Node).
  • 6+ years of CMS/eCommerce platform experience (i.e. Sitefinity, Sitecore, Kentico).
  • Proven experience with modern HTML standards, SCSS, typescript.
  • N-Tier and SaaS development experience.
  • Experience building highly scalable software solutions.

Required Soft Skills

  • Team player.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to work in a very fast paced environment & welcome change.
  • Ability to work directly with customers at times.
  • Highly self-motivated / Autonomous.
  • Willing to travel on occasion.
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