We Know How to Play Golf in the Winter

Even in the summer months, there’s no promise conditions will be sunny and still enough for a game of golf. Especially here in the Midwest. So, Mini Indoor Golf came up with a solution.

During the winter months, or if the wind and rain won’t subside for a half day in the heart of golf season, you can now stay indoors to go through all the same motions of golf – sans the actual physical activity, with Mini Indoor Golf’s new creation.

Perfect for disgruntled businessmen who can’t close a deal on the course, or antsy children stuck inside alike, Mini Indoor Golf created a handheld game. Players can stand in normal, golf stance. But instead of swinging the club themselves, they press a button that triggers a plastic man at the bottom of the club. The plastic player can rotate through six standard golf clubs, which perform the same functions as your classic irons and woods.

But no one can really know how fun the game is, unless they know it exists. Which is when LEAP Amp was introduced to the Indianapolis-based company.

Rainy Days Don’t Ruin the Game

The game was fun. And people were interested. But Mini Indoor Golf wanted to get eyes from their already populated social channels to their website.

LEAP Amp developed a strategy to get people clicking through one of their social media channels to their “SHOP” page.


We pushed their videos on to their social channels, and the engagement started swinging in the comments section.

Those who don’t fancy a game of golf claimed Mini Indoor Golf would get them to play the indoor version of the sport. Not to mention, everyone knew what they were getting their dad for Christmas.

And It Worked

Overall, the website received 78,114 clicks from Mini Indoor Golf’s social media channels.

But the ROI was even more impressive. During our campaign, they saw an 80 percent increase in Black Friday sales from the previous year, and an overall 30 percent increase in holiday sales, YOY.


Overall sales


Sales increase from their 2015 Black Friday sales

In addition to the impressive numbers, we found 5 percent of women engaged with Mini Indoor Golf on Facebook, but 95 percent of men were excited about the game. And our largest age range was ages 25-34.

In Total, the Project Received:


322,212 Video views

129,129 Link clicks

289,620 Impressions

1,171,140 Engagements

Not only did we get Mini Indoor Golf the results they were looking for, but we were able to “practice” our golf game in the process.